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     Do you want to learn important life skills such as poise, self-confidence, leadership, and valuable communication skills?  What about learning to give back to your community?  We all should "pay it forward" and make a difference in others lives every chance we get.  That's one reason why I started my "Play It Safe"  and "Don't Waist Your Belt" non-profit organizations - to give back to others.  

    By competing in natural pageants, I've learned these important skills.  Not only does a girl gain experience putting these skills into action, you'll feel good about yourself and gain the competitive edge to succeed later in whatever field you may choose, from modeling to business.  Competing and winning several pageants have given me these lifelong skills, and it can for you, too.

      In addition to learning these important life and leadership skills, you will learn how to give back to the community in a BIG way.  Check out my "Play It Safe" tab for how I've been blessed to give back to the community.

     Ready to unleash your potential, let your light shine, and learn more how you can do the same?  Check out National American Miss' website here: http://www.namiss.com/ or American National Teenage Scholarship Organization at http://nationalteen.com/.  Both are great organizations!

Please contact me at Olivia@OliviaKeith.com or through my mom at 317-446-2698.  Let me know how I can partner with you at your next event!


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